About Us

About Us


Power Auto School Inc.(Speedy road test ny) gets Road Test Appointments in New York State faster.

You will not be charged unless we get you a test, and you can see the test on the New York State DMV website. 

We try to get you a road test appointment close to your desired destination within 10 business days or less.

Are you like many New Yorkers that are in a rush to get things done? I know I am! We understand that some people need to travel outside the country, go to college, etc, or just want to get behind the wheel as soon as possible.That is why we started this service. We want to help you get your Road Test faster.

We know that you would like to have  your license sooner than 6 weeks to 2 months through the New York State DMV including  Upstate, Long island, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx,and Brooklyn.

Charged only after test confirmation can be viewed on the official DMV web site.


Taken from Yelp

Anscha. M.   09/18/2015

Thanks to Mimi from Speedy Road Test I managed to schedule a road test within three days. I called on a Friday afternoon and Mimi managed to schedule my test for Monday! This definitely worth the money considering it usually takes weeks to get a road test appointment on the DMV website! Thank you Speedy Road Test for your help!

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Power Auto School Inc. is licensed by the New York State DMV but not an agent or representative of the DMV.